Attorney says MCC withholding meds from terror suspect

An ABC7 I-Team Investigation
CHICAGO (WLS) -- Suburban terror suspect Adel Daoud, who espouses beliefs in "lizard people" and government aliens, has received insufficient psychiatric treatment and medication by doctors at the federal lock up in Chicago, according to a new court filing by his attorney.

"Just when it appeared that this tortuously vexed case was finally on track for trial on November 26, 2018, over six years after Mr. Daoud's arrest, things have again become absurd," writes Thomas Durkin who is representing Daoud.

Durkin claims that doctors at Metropolitan Correctional Center ("MCC") are withholding prescribed psychotropic medication due to "bureaucratic regime and a fundamental disregard or disagreement with the orders of this Court."

Daoud, a Hillside resident, was 18 years old when the FBI arrested him in September of 2012 outside of a South Loop bar that he allegedly wanted to blow up in an act of personal jihad. Daoud had told an undercover agent that he was looking for maximum carnage, investigators said.

In 2016, U.S. Judge Sharon Johnson Coleman ordered Daoud placed in a Bureau of Prisons (BOP) psychiatric treatment facility due to his sincere and escalating beliefs in the Illuminati, Freemasons and lizard people" as well as "his belief in the likelihood that the government will execute him regardless of the outcome of the proceedings."

After treatment, Daoud was found competent to stand trial "dependent upon medication" according to his attorney. "Mr. Daoud's course of treatment unraveled after he arrived at the MCC," Durkin said in newly filed court records. Durkin alleges that MCC-Chicago doctors have determined on their own, against the findings of other BOP doctors and in defiance of a court order to withhold the full prescription treatment for Daoud-causing his mental condition to deteriorate.

At an emergency court hearing scheduled for Tuesday afternoon, Durkin will ask that Daoud be allowed out of prison custody so that he can receive psychiatric treatment from a private physician on Chicago's Gold Coast. MCC officials have not responded to I-Team requests for comment on the case and a spokesman for the U.S. attorney in Chicago declined to comment "until we see the judge tomorrow."

Since his arrest he has been locked up and his mental competency has been a steady focus of federal court hearings; in part due to a letter written to U.S. District Judge Sharon Johnson Coleman two years ago accusing her of being part of the "Illuminati" secret society aimed at creating a New World Order. Daoud stated in his letter to Judge Coleman that the government is composed of "alien reptiles from another planet who worship the devil."

Prior to the judge's letter, Daoud also made a phone call from prison to the ABC7 I-Team. In that conversation he claimed to have been "kidnapped" by the government because he is Muslim and wanted to publicly announce that he was backing then candidate Donald Trump for president.
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