Knife attack at police station in Barcelona 'being treated as a terrorist act'

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Monday, August 20, 2018
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Police shot a man dead after he attacked them with a knife at a police station in Barcelona on Monday.

BARCELONA, Spain -- Authorities in Spain have stepped up security at regional police stations after police in Barcelona opened a locked police station door to a man who then pulled a knife on them. Police shot the attacker dead.

Barcelona Police Commissioner Rafel Comes says the police station security door was closed ahead of the attack Monday.

He says the suspect repeatedly pressed the buzzer to be let in and spoke with officers inside over an intercom. After they decided to let him in, he pulled out "a large knife" and lunged at officers in what allegedly was a premeditated attack.

Comes says "for the moment" the incident "is being treated as a terrorist act."

The alleged assailant, who was not identified, lived near the police station. Comes says police are investigating the man's background and awaiting a warrant to search his apartment.