Anti-police graffiti scrawled outside Bridgeport home with 'Blue Lives Matter' signs

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Tuesday, June 14, 2016
Bridgeport graffiti
Graffiti scrawled outside a Bridgeport home that displayed "Blue Lives Matter" signs.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Anti-police graffiti is being investigated in the city's Bridgeport neighborhood.

A resident who posted "Blue Lives Matter" signs in support of police in the windows of a home he rents says he found graffiti scrawled on his sidewalk and gangway.

The graffiti calls attention to the "Black Lives Matter" movement and accuses police of violence against African-Americans.

"I'm a supporter of the police but all lives matter so I'm kinda shocked," said Felix Zaczek. "This is very polarizing. The fact that I was targeted is kinda shocking."

Despite the incident, Zaczek says he feels safe in the neighborhood and plans to keep his sign up.