Brookfield Zoo lets you name a cockroach after your ex for Valentine's Day

CHICAGO (WLS) -- The Brookfield Zoo is offering the chance to name one of their hissing cockroaches after your ex this Valentine's Day.

For a $15 donation, you can name one of the Madagascar hissing cockroaches that lives in the Hamill Family Play Zoo after that un-special someone in your life. The "Name a Cockroach" package includes a certificate of naming that can either be shared with the recipient or kept for yourself, and placement on the Cockroach Naming Hall.

Though the zoo is temporarily closed until March 1, photos of the Cockroach Naming Hall will be posted online on Feb. 14.

If you're looking for a more traditional gift, the zoo also has dozens of animals available through its Animal Adoption program, from sea turtles to giraffes to red pandas and dwarf goats. For $35 you get a color photograph, a personalized certificate of adoption, a fact sheet, a decal and an invitation to the planned exclusive 2021 Animal Adoption summer event. All donations go toward the care of the animal you choose for one year.

Visit Brookfield Zoo's animal adoption website for more information. Click here to name a cockroach for Valentine's Day.
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