Well-dressed robbers in suits making their way through NYC cellphone stores

BROWNSVILLE, Brooklyn -- Two robbers making their way through cellphone stores in New York are getting lots of attention for the way they dress.

In one instance, the sharp-dressed robbers knocked a store employee unconscious, WABC reported.

The latest robbery happened at Metro PCS in Brownsville on Thursday, just before 10 a.m.

Sammy Cheema an employee at the store said he learned about the robbery as it was happening in a group text with co-workers and managers.

Police said two well dressed men walked in and things then turned violent.

"Then one come around the corner and gun to his belly and he said, 'don't shout, don't speak, I will kill you,'" Cheema said.

Cheema said the suspects then took his friend to the back of the store, where they beat him.

"And they hit him and they beat him, and after that he fell down," Cheema added.

Police said the suspects wore black suits, and one had a hat and tie. The suspects carry a gun, and authorities now believe they are responsible for at least four armed robberies.

The robberies started back on April 30th, police said at a cellphone store in Jamaica, Queens. Then, there were at least two other cases along Fulton Street in Bed-Stuy. In one case, 38 phones were stolen.