How you can own a comic book store for FREE

OAK LAWN, Ill. (WLS) -- Comic book stores are homes to the classic superheroes we all know and love.

"We all have that thing. That book we love, that cartoon we love, that sports team we love it's all the same, it's something that captured that passion," Owner of Chimera's Comics, Carmelo Chimera said.

Chimera's Comics in Oak Lawn is one of several comic book stores in the city, and what Chimera considers "his life's work."

In addition to owning two comic book stores, Chimera is a full-time attorney who also writes graphic novels.

Frankly, Chimera says he's got too much on his plate right now to run the Oak Lawn store.

So, he's going to give it away.

"The entire business. I'm going to give away the inventory, the fixtures, the equipment and the six years of goodwill that come with it," Chimera said.

The application process to win the store is easy. All you have to do is pay a $25 application fee and answer the question, "What makes a good comic book store?".

"It's entirely merit based, it's not a raffle or a drawing of any kind. I will read every one of the responses myself," Chimera said. "This is the first and best chance I've had in my life to take a stand for what I believe in, which is, 'it's okay to hope and it's okay to dream.' If I can spread a little good news for a change, that's what I'm doing. That's why I'm doing this."

Chimera's looking for someone who's hardworking, creative and shares his passion for all things comic book related.

"Owning a small business isn't all rainbows and sunshine, but I know there are other people who appreciate and respect what a small business and comic books does for a community," Chimera said. "The right person with the time and the drive and the attention that I no longer have for this is just going to come and do amazing things."

If you want a chance to win the store, act fast. Applications can be found on Chimera's Comics website and close Feb. 28 or when 2,000 applications have been submitted.
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