Chicago Black Restaurant Week 2020 is underway across Chicago South Side

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Chicago's Black Restaurant Week is back with a 2020 all-star lineup.

Today's first stop is Flammin Restaurant on 75th Street.

"When I was a little girl my grandfather always created his own barbecue pits and so when I used to look over the railing and smell the fire and see the flames I thought my family sure can flame!" said owner Dr. Latasha Taylor.

This hidden gem in the East Chatham neighborhood is known for serving breakfast all day, with dishes like their French Toast Flight.

"Our red salmon croquettes is one of our hitters, and our shrimp and grits and our mustard catfish," Taylor said. "We have customers coming from different parts of the city and they've been hearing about it and they like the taste."

Dr. Taylor is the owner of the family business and the assistant principal at Chicago Vocational Career Academy. To teach students entrepreneurship, she hires them to work at her restaurant.

"They have their sanitation and cooking certificate, they are able to be managers, so not only are they learning how to flame but we are also teaching them entrepreneurship skills and just being an owner in their own community and working in their community to provide better services," she said.

Long-time seafood staple Docks is making a comeback in Bronzeville.

"I've actually started working at Docks at 13 and it was a dream to bring it back," said Lance Jones, co-owner.

Jones and his two partners want to reboot this 90s South Side seafood favorite by bringing back classic dishes for Chicago Black Restaurant Week.

"This is a good week to let everyone know that we are here and give everyone a taste of what we have to offer," he said. "Our number one item we specialize in is called a Famous Fish Wish, and it's made with Argentina Whiting, tartar sauce, tomato and lettuce. We also specialize in jumbo shrimp."

V-75 offers a place to party, eat, or have a drink, all right in the heart of Englewood.

"Give people in the community a nice venue where you don't have to go downtown," said John Ector, owner. "You can here come on the South Side for any time, for your special event."

And then there's the food.

"Our specialty dish that we sell out of every time is our Italian turkey just like the Italian beef but if you don't eat beef it puts you in the mind of that. That's our number one seller and then we have the buffalo chicken rolls," said Paris Ector, co-owner. "We just want to let people know it's good in Englewood."

Each featured restaurant is one of a kind, but for every owner this week is a reminder of how important black-owned businesses are in their community.

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