My Block, My Hood, My City volunteers help clear snow surrounding Englewood Free Market

CHICAGO (WLS) -- My Block, My Hood, My City volunteers shoveled snow around a building that supplies donated essentials to the Englewood community.

Jahmal Cole of the My Block, My Hood, My City non-profit organization said the Englewood Free Market on 68th and Halsted needed help.

"I was on Instagram, and I saw that, you know, the Free Market needed support. I mean you look across the street, the liquor store is shoveled. How come the Free Market is not shoveled?" Cole asked.

The Resident Association of Greater Englewood, a non-profit, was buried in snow from the recent storm.

Asiaha Butler, RAGE CEO, had a car full of some of the items provided by the organization to seniors and people in need. The items include hand warmers, mask and non-perishable foods. However, the snow prevented her and donors from being able to stock the shelves.

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"I got stuff in the car, ready to go. Once this is clear, we can come back and keep stocking, and at least have a pathway to the shelves. If we can have a pathway to the shelves, that works out for us, we can come, drop off things," Butler said.

My Block, My Hood, My City shovels for seniors, residents with disabilities, under-resourced schools and vacant lots after every big snowfall.

"We all need to be respond to the call. Today's random act of kindness is today, so, you know, we all need to show people we care and show up," Cole said.

The group plans to shovel for seniors throughout Wednesday and in the coming days.

Cole said he received 1,200 emails from seniors across the city asking for help.
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