Families demand more transparency from nursing homes, thousands die nationwide from COVID-19

CHICAGO (WLS) -- For the past three years, the Lexington Health Care Center in Elmhurst was home to Doris Van until the 72-year-old died of the Coronavirus on April 1st..

"She was a 5 star mother to us to my brother and I," said Sharee Becton, Van's daughter.

Becton said she had no idea her mother was sick until she was taken to the hospital.

Not only did Van test positive for COVID-19, but Becton learned after the fact, an ulcer and bacteria infection contributed toward her mother's death,conditions Van contracted while Lexington was on lockdown, she said.

"No one, absolutely no one from Lexington called to tell me anything my moms health changing nothing about anyone being infected with the Coronavirus," Becton said.

Becton said a written plan with the nursing home required they contact her about her mother's changing health.

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Stephanie Roberts has a similar story about her mother who died on Easter.

"I'm her only child, she had six grandchildren that adored her, she was a beautiful vibrant friendly woman," Roberts said.

Roberts's 78-year-old mother was a resident of Winston Manor nursing home in Bucktown.

Roberts claimed it was the hospital who contacted her first about her mother's condition, a day before Diane Love Roberts died.

"I didn't find out she had COVID-19 until after she passed away," Roberts said.

Because their loved ones contracted the coronavirus while the nursing homes were under a quarantine, Roberts and Van want more information about how it was spread.

Nationwide, there have been thousands of COVID-19 nursing home deaths.

As those numbers rise, families have demanded more transparency from nursing homes about their own loved ones health and numbers of positive cases
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