Mount Prospect's Station 34 Pizza Pub keeping business afloat by serving up pizza kits

MOUNT PROSPECT, Ill. (WLS) -- A Mount Prospect pizza pub has found a unique way to bring in business during the stay-at-home order.

"I'm not going under because if this, no way," vowed Joe Irick, owner of Station 34 Pizza Pub.

His determination comes topped with a family-friendly concept.

Irick's pizza kits started as a family activity for a school fundraiser, but since COVID-19 forced him to close his pizzeria's doors, it's shifted into a way to bring in business.

"I wanted to bring the kits home for my family to make something fresh right then and there, a project for my kids to do. We started doing a fundraiser (for) the local school district, District 57 in Mount Prospect," Irick said. "We ended up launching it. Then a week later we all get shut down."

His pizza kits are packed with fresh ingredients, like handmade dough, homemade sauce and all the toppings for just $10.

"You need a rolling pin, fork, spoon, pizza stone or baking sheet, whatever you prefer, and a working oven; that's about it," he said.

In the last six weeks, more than 700 kits have found new homes, on top of other takeout and delivery orders.

"Just a huge coincidence, I've never seen anything like this in my life, the stay-at-home order," Irick said. "This was a Godsend for us; it really lifted my spirits, personally, when we found out we were going to shut down and we were like, 'what are we going to do,'" Irick said. "How do you get through this, how long is it going to last? It really lifted myself but also my staff because they were excited about it as something to look forward to."

Irick has opened a second kitchen area just to complete orders for the kits, and hopes to expand beyond just sausage and pepperoni kits to build-your-own options, and even launching kit shipments for those out of driving range.

Thinking outside the box about what to put in a box and a lot of community support has gone a long way.

"Mount Prospect supports Mount Prospect; it's been a great journey," said Irick.

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