Bensenville balloon artists brighten neighborhood with colorful displays

BENSENVILLE, Ill. (WLS) -- Nothing brings a smile to someone's face like balloons. A Bensenville company is joining balloon artists around the world in helping bring some joy during this challenging time.

Tommy & Scott DeLorenzo, co-owners of Balloons by Tommy, are using their artistic talent to make their neighborhood a little brighter. It all started with the #OneMillionBubbles.

"The balloon community around the world got together because nobody is working right now, so 400 companies around the world in 15 countries decided to all put some inspiring messages in our lawns just to spark joy around the neighborhoods," Tommy said.

The hashtag just called for one day of action, but the DeLorenzo's didn't want to stop there.

"Now that we're shut down it makes complete sense to use our creative energy toward something," said Scott. "It was fun, so we're gonna keep going as long as we're in lockdown."

They're creating fun, elaborate balloon designs for people to enjoy while practicing social distancing. They switch the designs out every couple days or as long as the display lasts.

"We have lots and lots of free time right now, so we figured we'll do something fun; put our efforts out there to make our neighbors and friends that drive by smile," Scott said.

They've created two displays so far and the neighborhood couldn't love it more.

"In our community there's a lot of people walking and it's just nice to be able to see their faces through our window and taking pictures and slowing down to stop and think about that and the messages," Scott said. "The whole community here has been just fantastic. We have so much support. People are asking what they can do to help us, to chip in to make sure that we thrive when this is all done."

They hope their act inspires others to keep the hope alive during these trying times and help bring a smile to a neighbor who needs it.

"Everyone should do something to brighten up their community," Tommy said. "We have so much free time and everyone could use a little cheering up, so, I mean, it doesn't have to be balloons, but, you know, draw on your sidewalk with chalk or, you know, paint your window. Do something to make people happy."

If you're a balloon artist that wants to participate, head to for information.
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