Local organizations offer free COVID-19 testing, census and voter registration for Pilsen neighbors

ByYukare Nakayama WLS logo
Saturday, July 25, 2020
'Survival Day' offers more than just free COVID-19 testing for Pilsen community
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Survival Day is an event spearheaded by Healthy Hood Chicago that offers free covid-19 testing, census and voter registration to the Pilsen community.

CHICAGO,IL (WLS) -- At Harrison Park in the Pilsen neighborhood, a number of organizations have stationed up Friday afternoon, to test people for COVID-19 from the most affected communities. Offering census and voting registration, as well. They call it Survival Day.

"We have to consider this virus and the lack of care and effort to stop the spread of this virus as a part of the systemic racism we've seen everybody here stand up against. More than 70% of the death toll is black and Latino. That's why it's so important to arm ourselves with the weapons to defend ourselves from this virus," said Tanya Lozano, co-founder of Health Hood Chicago.

This is the fourth Survival Day event, spearheaded by Healthy Hood Chicago. Organizations such as Calor, Dish Roulette, The Mural Movement, Taco Sublime, No No's Deli, The Yard, Right to Family, Big Mich, Vault Gallery, and Familia Latino Unida have all jumped on to help.

Food, art, and music were also a big component of the event.

Lozano said the event is a chance to address the lack of resources in black and brown communities while also highlighting their cultures.

Plans are underway to host the Survival Day event in more West and South side neighborhoods.

"We already know that this virus is disproportionally affecting black and brown communities- and where are those communities? On the south and west side," said Seobia Rivers, co-founder of Healthy Hood.

Both Rivers and Lozano said there is still more work to be done.