DuPage County Board chairman candidates hit airwaves to convince voters in tight race

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Thursday, October 27, 2022
DuPage County Board chairman candidates hit airwaves amid tight race
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DuPage County's board will get a new chairperson no matter what, as current chairman Dan Cronin is retiring.

DUPAGE COUNTY, Ill, (WLS) -- DuPage County's board will get a new chairperson no matter what, as current chairman Dan Cronin is retiring.

Candidate Deb Conroy is hoping to make history. The Illinois state representative is trying to become DuPage County's first female and Democratic County Board Chair.

"We've had 58 white men as chairman of DuPage County," Conroy said.

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With 10 years of experience in Springfield, Conroy believes she is the leader to write the next chapter for DuPage. Her focus is expanding access for mental health care and diversity.

As one of few counties in Illinois that has grown, the once-reliable Republican DuPage County has become increasingly Democratic - a fact not lost on Conroy's opponent, Republican Greg Hart.

"I'm the most bipartisan member of the DuPage County Board and that's why you see the diverse support for my campaign," Hart said.

As a third generation DuPage resident, Hart, 35, has been a county board member for the past five years. Hart said his priority is to continue the county's track record of fiscal responsibility. He believes taxes are the biggest issue in the race.

"At every opportunity, my opponent has raised taxes, whether it's the gas or income tax," Hart said.

"I will stand up to my vote on the gas tax because that money went into a lock box and is going back into infrastructure," Conroy said.

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Conroy said Hart has also raised the gas tax in DuPage County. With an open seat for the first time in over a decade, the hotly-contested race is becoming expensive. Hart has raised considerably more money than Conroy.

"We may not have as much money, but I think our message will carry and we are here to support working families," Conroy said.

"I have over 900 individual donors," Hart said. "My opponent cannot say the same. She is funded by certain special interests."

Hart and Conroy are using the money to hit airwaves as both candidates have a few days left to sway voters in what has shaped up to be a tight race.

DuPage voters are not only casting ballots for county board chairman, but all 18 of the board seats are up for election, with 11 of those currently held by Democrats.