Widow searches for husband's lost family, medical history

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Tuesday, August 4, 2015
Widow searches for husband's family and medical history
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Widow searches for husband's family and medical history

HOUSTON -- Left with questions, a mother of two in Liberty, Texas, says after her husband passed away she's desperate to find out more about his history and she's asking for help.

There was a time when record searches would send you down to the local courthouse, but who needs that when you have the Internet. Unfortunately even the World Wide Web is not helping one woman in her quest for answers.

"I've tried everything, I am hoping that this will help me out and get what information I need."

Aimee Carr's time with her husband Daniel ended too soon after he came down with a rare form of appendix cancer.

Aimee said, "It's pretty much like they say, it's a silent killer unless you find it early."

It was Daniel's illness that got Aimee to wondering about the fate of her own two children and any links that could be found in her husband's biological family. Aimee hired a private company to help her but so far she's not found out much.

Daniel was born in Bay City on January 31, 1980. His last name might be Robinson or Robertson. Aimee does not know much more than that and cannot find much more on her own.

She said, "As a wife you don't really get much information, you get non-identifying information."

So Aimee turned to Facebook.

"So far I have had about 500 plus likes and shares and it's just, I have not had any response back from people other than telling me good luck and giving other tips to go by."

Aimee hopes social media can find the hidden history of her husband and set her mind at ease concerning her children.

She said, "I don't want them to have to go through what they just saw their dad go through."

We are sharing this on our Facebook page and website in hopes you may recognize Daniel.