Pantry-centric haircare techniques trend up, influencers show similar results to traditional shampoo

ByKaylee Hartung ABCNews logo
Thursday, July 14, 2022
Homemade hair remedies
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A new trend is sweeping social media, which includes washing your hair with items you find in your pantry.

A new hair care trend is taking over TikTok: some people are ditching their shampoo products and instead washing with everything from egg yolks to vinegar.

"The eggs are key," said Glenda Folsom, a woman who hasn't washed her hair in nearly three years. "I might spray rose water in my hair, but I will never ever use shampoo again."

The no-shampoo movement is a TikTok trend Folsom is embracing. Men and women are ditching traditional hair products and lathering up with ingredients like eggs instead.

"I think the most common question is 'doesn't your hair smell, doesn't it smell like eggs?'" Folsom said. "No, you wash it out. I actually go about three weeks between each wash and just use a warm water in the meantime."

From beaten egg yolks, rye flour, rice water, apple cider vinegar or even just a hot water rise, no-shampooers are experimenting with kitchen staples in the shower.

"We're all kitchen beauticians now," said Chloe Hall, Elle digital beauty director. "I think this trend is sticking because one, it's zero waste. So you're cutting down on, you know, plastic use, and I think also you're saving money, which is also incredible."

Still, experts say traditional shampoo is your best bet.

"I often find that the home remedies cause problems that includes either damaging the hair or causing a buildup of oil, dirt, sweat on the scalp," said Dr. Nazanin Saedi, a board certified dermatologist.

But after nearly three years without shampoo, Folsom said her hair is healthier than ever and there's no going back for her.

"It makes me feel so good to have healthy hair," Folsom said. "My self-confidence is so high."