3,500 Halliburton employees in Houston furloughed due to difficult oil market

HOUSTON -- Halliburton announced it is issuing a compulsory furlough to 3,500 employees at its Houston facility.

Beginning March 23, employees on the mandatory leave of absence will work one-week on, one-week off for up to 60 days. Employees will be paid for the weeks that they are on, but will not be paid for the weeks they are off. Employee benefits and health insurance will remain in place.

This decision comes due to recent difficulties in the oil market.

However, President Trump said Tuesday help could soon be on the way.

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On Tuesday, the Trump administration said it wants to send checks to the public within two weeks to help people through the financial pain of the coronavirus crisis.

Congress still has to approve the plan.

It's not clear exactly how much money would be received, but Senator Mitt Romney has suggested $1,000.

Texas Health and Human Services is urging anyone who needs assistance to apply online.
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