Parents question alleged hazing at Saint Francis de Sales HS

CHICAGO (WLS) -- A day after at least 10 students on the Saint Francis de Sales High School baseball team were suspended for allegedly hazing a teammate, their parents are demanding answers.

"I am very upset. I'm almost speechless. I can't believe that something like this would happen and go on," said Lasaundra Perkins, a parent.

Perkins' son was suspended for two days, accused of witnessing the hazing incident but not doing anything to stop it.

In March of this year, an 18-year-old male victim was allegedly sexually assaulted in a locker room by five male offenders, according to Chicago police. Others in the locker room allegedly did nothing.

The incident was reported Tuesday and suspensions were handed down.

"They just called to say 'your son is suspended,'" said Renee Williams, a parent. "He's bringing a letter home. But the letter had no explanation or anything in there."

Nehemiah Barker was one of several parents who came to the school to discuss the incident with the principal. His son was suspended for five days.

And while he says there should be a greater awareness about hazing, he says there was nothing criminal that happened in the locker room, only horse play.

"There was no intention to harm the person or bring fear to the person. This was kids goofing around," Barker said.

But Lasaundra Perkins says she spoke with the alleged victim and his family, and says whatever happened was more serious.

"It was serious what happened. They were not just horse playing," Perkins said. "So it was serious."

But she says the school has been tight-lipped with information about the incident.

"You can't just send kids home with a letter saying they're suspended because of some bullying incident. That's not telling me anything," Perkins said.

The school has offered few details, and released a statement saying, "The safety and well-being of students at St. Francis De Sales High School in Chicago is a top priority. Yesterday, April 28, after school administrators completed an investigation of a reported bullying incident, consequences were imposed on all students involved."

Parents say the suspensions are for between two and five days.
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