Cold and snow bring Igloo dining to Michigan

TROY, Mich. -- During the cold, it's nice to dine at a cozy restaurant, especially one with a fireplace, but if you long to be cozy outdoors, one Michigan restaurant offers seating options inside of heated igloos.

"Here's our one chance to cheat Mother Nature," said Vic Dzenowagis, the owner of Camp Ticonderoga.

The restaurant is debuting two heated igloos for the season. Each one seats a party of ten with a $200 minimum, WXYZ reported.

"Go to any restaurant. How are you going to get a table for 10, where it's just your party," Dzenowagis said.

Dzenowagis also owns Deadwood Bar & Grill in Northville. They first tried out the trend last year, and turns out it was a hit.

They served more than 8,000 people, bringing in upwards of $300,000.

"We called the guy that makes these and said we are ordering four more," Dzenowagis said.

Camp Ticonderoga has already booked 400 igloo reservations from now until early March.

Dzenowagis said the igloos he has are carpeted, well insulated and cost around $8,000 each.

"But that pays for itself in a week," he said.

The igloos will also accommodate your personal music, adding to the experience.

"Who likes to be cooped up inside? I know I don't. It's a good excuse and a comfortable way to be outside," Dzenowagis said.