Class of 2022 has pick of in-person, work from home jobs in current market

As soon-to-be college grads complete job application after job application, many are getting offers

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Wednesday, April 27, 2022
Plenty of options in job search for class of 2022
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It's time to fill out that resume! The class of 2022 is applying for jobs, and they have lots of options.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Graduation season is approaching, and jobs are not hard to come by for the class of 2022.

So what is the next generation looking for when it comes to work?

Jessica Schaeffer with the LaSalle Network joined ABC7 Chicago Wednesday to talk about it.

The LaSalle Network surveyed 2,500 soon-to-be graduates.

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As of April, 80% hadn't yet accepted their first role, but nearly half of all respondents had a job offer.

Students are being selective, Schaeffer said.

A recent report showed there were as many as 11 million job openings.

Soon-to-be graduates are focusing on core health and financial benefits and time off when comparing offers.