Katy Perry splits pants in 'American Idol' wardrobe malfunction: 'Can I get some tape?'

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. -- Katy Perry was singing the perfect song for a wardrobe malfunction on "American Idol."

On Monday's episode, Perry performed an impromptu version of her hit song "Teenage Dream" when she bent down in a dance move and split her pants at the seam.

While the audience stared on in shock, Perry asked, "Can I get some tape?"

Crew members patched the area with yellow duct tape after Perry instructed them to "Tape my butt."

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The "American Idol" judge apologized and resumed her seat the table.

Perry saw the humor in the incident, writing on Instagram, "Ima get ur heart racing in my skin-tight jeans on #americanidol tonight tune in now for a RIPPING good time."

One fan commented, "Each season you rip your pants," adding a happy emoji.

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