Tips to improve relationship with your job

CHICAGO (WLS) -- In a professional rut? You can fall back in love with your job and improve your relationship, with a manager.

Jessica Schaeffer with the LaSalle Network offered some career advice.

Schaeffer's tips for improving a relationship with a boss by:

- Reflecting on relationship/get to source of problem
- Having a one-on-one
- Increasing communication
- Asking for feedback

- Giving it Time

Next, it's been a crazy two years. Workers are reporting burnout and job dissatisfaction. Schaeffer recommends asking the following questions before quitting:

- Do you like the company's mission?
- Do you like your teammates?
- How is your relationship with your manager?

- Is your work enjoyable?

She also offered advice to invest in your own career development

- Focus on building interpersonal relationships
- Don't be afraid to speak up
- Write down your complaints, as well as solutions
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