Video claims to be footage inside the cabin of flight MH17 moments before departure

A cell phone video posted to Instagram by alleged Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 crash victim, Md Ali Md Salim, shows what appears to be the inside cabin of the Boeing 777 that crashed in Ukraine on its route to Kuala Lumpur. Within the 14-second video, passengers can be seen loading the overhead carriages while a flight crew staff member's voice--possibly a pilot--is heard across the PA, asking passengers to turn off their cell phones.

The video emerges from Instagram user, @masa1777, whose profile says he was a Clinical Psychologist. Md Zaki Md Salim, Md Ali's older brother, told that his brother was one of the passengers on flight MH17.

"Bismillah... #hatiadasikitgentar", read the Instagram caption. Reportedly, this roughly translates to: "In the name of God. Feeling nervous."

Reportedly, Md Ali was a student at Erasmus University in Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands, earning his doctorate in psychology. Md Ali was traveling home to Malaysia from Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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