Nanny cam catches woman attacking infant, police say

BERKELEY, Calif. -- Authorities in California say a 44-year-old woman attacked a 6-month-old boy.

Richmond resident Ingrid Perez is in jail and Berkeley police say there may be more victims. She faces two child abuse charges, according to police.

"I've seen the video myself and there were a number of times that she looked up at the camera," said Berkeley police Sgt. Andrew Frankel.

From nanny cam on Friday to a mug shot on Monday, Berkeley police say Perez is a suspected child abuser.

"The parents had installed a nanny cam in the child's room and had video of the alleged abuse," Frankel said.

Court documents outline the alleged attack on the 6-month-old boy. Perez then looks directly at the camera and hits the victim in the bottom causing the victim to cry louder," according to court documents.

"Are these type of crimes emotional events for the detectives involved absolutely," Frankel said.

"It appears that she makes a fist and hits the victim with her knuckles, like she's knocking on a door," court documents said.

Officers arrested Perez along Gilman Street on her way to another nanny job Monday morning.

"Given the fact that she's been a nanny for a long period of time and given the fact that she works a lot with a number of different families, we felt the need to bring this forward," Frankel said.

At this point, police say the baby boy is the only victim. He was treated at a local hospital and had no obvious injuries.

If you've hired Perez in the past and suspect abuse, detectives would like a call.
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