Camera-like device found in Ogden school faculty bathroom, police say

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Chicago police are investigating a plastic device resembling a camera found in the faculty bathroom of a school on the city's Near North Side.

Police said a staff member of the Ogden International School's East Campus discovered the device Wednesday.

"I feel extremely uncomfortable," said Margaret Vincent, after school program employee.

"In an elementary school, it's very disturbing," said parent Suzanne Meagher.

In a letter sent home to parents, the school's principal Michael Beyer said police removed the device which "is not designed to send information, so we are confident that no images were transmitted by the device." Beyer also said school security also conducted a full sweep of both buildings and found no other devices.

"I feel it's kind of invading my privacy, especially where it was located," Vincent said.

Parents are concerned and preparing to talk to their children about it.

"I'm just concerned about how it got there and what they're going to do to prevent that from happening in the future and keep everyone safe, especially with a young girl. I'm concerned," said parent Lisanne Rogers.

"I just hope they figure out who did it," said Meagher.

Other parents agreed.

"Somebody should be held responsible, that's the bottom line," said Andrew Podosenov.

Beyer said the school is actively working with police as the investigation continues.
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