Orangutan gives pregnant woman's belly a gentle kiss

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

This story first appeared on Babble and is reprinted with permission.

When one couple recently visited Britain's Colchester Zoo, they probably never expected it would lead to a moment the Internet would not soon forget -- but oh, has it.

In this less than two-minute video, Maisie Knight, 37 weeks pregnant, is seen approaching a glass enclosure at the zoo. On the other side of the glass is 47-year-old Rajang, an orangutan with a soft spot for pregnant women. Leaning in, Rajang places a sweet, gentle kiss on the mom-to-be's belly -- and our hearts just melt.

Recording the moment on camera is Jamie Clarke, Knight's partner who was visiting the zoo with her that day. According to Clarke, "I put my belly too [sic] the glass and got a dirty look." Ha!

The zoo's website claims Rajang's mother died when he was only a month old, and he was raised by his keepers ever since. He's described as the zoo's most famous and beloved resident who is "very interactive" with visitors -- and that can hardly be argued now!

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