Police search for suspects in Streeterville paintball attack, 2 other attacks reported

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Chicago police are searching for the suspects who allegedly shot a man with a paintball gun in Streeterville.

Several other paintball attacks were reported this week; the most recent incident was caught on camera early Tuesday morning.

The first two attacks happened in Streeterville. A third happened a short time later in Logan Square. In the attack caught on camera, a man barely escaped injury as his car was shot up.

It happened without warning, the victim said. Arman said he was sitting in his car on Ontario near McClurg at the time of the attack. The paintballs hit the rear and side of his car, cracking a taillight cover and almost coming through his driver-side window.

Arman said he tried unsuccessfully to get the vehicle's license plate, following the four people in the white Chevy Equinox onto Lake Shore Drive as he called 911. He told the dispatcher the car had Florida plates and that someone inside was pointing a gun outside the window.

Eventually he lost them on the city's northwest side, not far from where a woman was hit in the face by a paintball in Logan Square minutes later.

ABC7 Eyewitness News spoke with the Logan Square victim on the phone Thursday. She said she was nearly blinded by the paintball pellet and is still recovering from the attack.

Police said three similar attacks happened on the Illinois Institute of Technology campus on Tuesday and Wednesday, but have not said if those incidents are related.

Anyone with information about the incidents should call police.
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