Police reports from Paul O'Neal shooting released

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Newly released police reports detail what happened the day Paul O'Neal was killed, and gives a different take on the controversial shooting of the unarmed 18 year old.

It's undetermined how the police report details could impact the case.

Body cam and dashcam videos of the shooting has already been released. Now, 61 highly redacted pages, released by Chicago Police Department, detail officers' accounts of what led to the fatal shooting of a suspected car thief on July 28 in the South Shore neighborhood.

Nearly identical in nature, the reports black out the officers' names and star numbers. All three say O'Neal rammed his vehicle into a police car then ignored verbal commands during pursuit. All of that is seen on the body came and dashcam videos.

However, one officer's report says O'Neal was reaching into his waistband, stating, he fired only after he perceived shots to be coming from O'Neal's direction.

As it turned out, O'Neal was not armed, and those perceived shots, may have been fired by other officers as they shot at O'Neal's fleeing car.

Another piece of new information is that O'Neal was not alone inside that stolen Jaguar. The police report indicates the existence of a passenger, arrested on the scene. He is not identified.

As for all that redacted information, CPD said they are withholding the names of the police officers' involved after receiving credible threats against them.
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