An Ocean on the Lake: Inside Chicago's Shedd Aquarium

CHICAGO (WLS) -- ABC 7 Chicago and Shedd Aquarium team up to present a fascinating, intimate look at the animals that make Shedd their home. This multi-part series, "An Ocean on the Lake: Inside Chicago's Shedd Aquarium" is streaming on ABC 7 Connected TV Apps on Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, AppleTV, Roku and available on The series launched just in time for World Oceans Month.

Throughout this series, viewers will have a chance to observe first-hand the behind-the-scenes happenings at Shedd. An insider's look at the daily routines, dynamics and interactions between the animals and their care specialists gives a captivating view of what takes place when no visitors are present. Each episode features insights from experts across the aquarium, including aquarist and fish experts, field biologists, marine mammal rescue workers, animal care specialists and veterinarians, among others. A new episode will come out every week.

Episode One: Kiana the Sea Otter

Meet Kiana the 16-year-old northern sea otter. Kiana has spent her entire life at Shedd after being rescued as a pup off the coast of Alaska. Kiana has lymphoma and viewers will see the special attention she receives from her care specialists as they nurture her and work to keep her comfortable despite her diagnosis.

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Kiana the 16-year-old northern sea otter has spent her entire life at Shedd after being rescued as a pup off the coast of Alaska. Now she's been diagnosed with lymphoma, and Shedd

Episode Two: Meet the Penguins

Get to know Shedd's loveable penguins, with headliner and elder statesman, Wellington the rockhopper penguin. Shedd penguins skyrocketed to fame when a video of them touring the aquarium went viral while the aquarium was closed at the height of the pandemic. Viewers will see them again, meet the new chicks as they prepare to join the colony, check in on Wellington's geriatric care and notice that although confident, fame has not gone to their heads. Their care specialists will also share their special insight on what makes these penguins tick.

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Get to know Shedd's loveable penguins, from headliner and elder statesman Wellington, the rockhopper penguin, to the three newest Magellanic chicks.

Episode Three: What's On The Menu?

It's an important consideration not only for humans but for all the animals at Shedd Aquarium. Viewers will learn their interesting dietary needs and eating habits. From Nickel the rescued green sea turtle to the beluga whales, stingrays and archer fish, viewers will get a taste of what makes them all healthy and thriving.

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Food plays a role in every aspect of life for animals at Shedd; it provides animals with vital nutrition, allows them to maintain natural hunting and eating habits, and helps devel

Episode Four: Shedd in the Wild

How does Shedd research help animals thrive in the wild? Viewers will see Shedd's work with reptiles and amphibians which are native to the Chicagoland region. The episode highlights Shedd's efforts to incubate and raise baby Blanding's turtles as part of a broader effort to rehabilitate a state endangered species, as well as ongoing conservation research on the recovery of local frogs and amphibians in our forest preserves.

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How does Shedd research help animals thrive in the wild? This episode highlights Shedd conservation work in Chicago's neighboring forest preserves with native reptiles and amphibia

Episode Five: Geriatric Animal Care

Animals at aquariums and zoos live much longer than they would in the wild, due largely to regular health care and the absence of predators; so Shedd Aquarium staff are providing a new level of geriatric animal care. In this episode, Shedd veterinarians demonstrate the level of individualized care that each animal and species receive at the aquarium, ranging from fish and sea lions with cataracts to penguins with arthritis and bullfrogs with heart issues.

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