Pi or Pie Day: Which will you choose?

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Simply put, pi is a number, symbol and if you add an 'e', a tasty dessert.

The use of pi can be traced back to several ancient mathematicians, including Archimedes. It represents the ration of a circle's circumference to its diameter, which equals about 3.14.

The actual value is infinite, but it's often rounded to 3.14 or at least a much more manageable 3.14159.

Even though the day was intended to celebrate the mathematical pi, people started to celebrate the dessert too. And they might not be as different as you think.

"You have to do something precisely and you have to kind of get in that zone," Hoosier Mama Pies Kitchen Manager Ursula Siker said. "People tend to think of baking as a really finite and strict thing but it can be really calming because of the way of following methods and procedures."

Instead of using different equations, you're making different types of pies, like apple, chocolate chess and key lime.

One type of pi takes you down the path of mathematical prowess, while the other takes you down a path of deliciousness.

Which one will you choose?
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