Body cameras show Des Moines police officers heroically catching children from burning building

DES MOINES, IOWA -- Officers with the Des Moines Police Department are being credited with rescuing three children from a burning apartment building.

The fire broke out early Tuesday morning on Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway.

The police department has released body camera footage of the moment four officers arrived on the scene.

A woman and her three children were trapped in a third floor apartment.

One by one, the video shows the woman tossing each child from the window, safely into the arms of the officers.

In a release, the senior police officers are identified as Cole Johnson, Craig Vasquez, Tyler Kelly and Casey Sanders.

The mother and children are okay and no one was injured.

"Please join us in thanking these officers, and those who serve them, for leaving their homes every day to help make Des Moines the safe and secure city that it is," the release said.