21 kids, 2 adults injured after platform inside San Diego parkour center collapses

SAN DIEGO -- Twenty one children and two adults were injured when a structure collapsed at a parkour center in San Diego Saturday.

The collapse occurred at 8 p.m. PT, reports KGTV. The San Diego Fire Department said the injuries were considered minor to moderate.

It was a nightmare situation as parents rushed to find their kids. Scott Guisti had twins inside.

"One of them is good, he's right here the other is transporting, little head injury, he'll be fine," Guisti said.

It was pizza time inside the Vault PK Parkour Gym. One parent said he watched as about 40 kids ran up onto a wooden platform.

"Once the majority of the kids got up there, the whole platform collapsed," he said.

The wooden structure got detached on one side, seemingly turning into a trap door.

Jordan Alvarez, 13, was on it.

"I fell, luckily. I landed on a cushioned pad. Luckily I didn't get hurt," he said.

But there were kids all around him screaming in pain.

"I kinda just heard a crack, and all of a sudden it just crashed down and I heard people screaming when it crashed down and after that everyone was just crying," Alvarez said.

Vault PK owner and founder Jessica Ho issued a statement about the accident, saying she was "devastated."

"We are truly heartbroken tonight, as these children and their parents aren't just our members -- we see them weekly, they are our gym family," Ho said. "I had my own children there tonight. I am just as devastated for all the children affected as any other parent. Their safety has always been a priority. My heart aches for the families who call Vault PK home.

"We are working with authorities and will continue to do so to resolve this," the statement continued. "That is all we can say for now."