Schaumburg scalper 'Tommy Tickets' charged with selling fake Super Bowl tickets

CHICAGO (WLS) -- A popular local ticket scalper is back in jail, picked up on a warrant for allegedly selling fake Super Bowl tickets.

Tommy Ryan, known as "Tommy Tickets", is sitting in a Texas jail and faces criminal charges in two states.

Jason Knowles and the ABC 7 I-Team have reported multiple complaints against Ryan for scalping tickets and not delivering.

Ryan is currently in jail in Harris County, Texas, where he was extradited after being picked up in Cook County on a Texas warrant.

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According to the complaint, a Houston woman said she paid Ryan $1,000 cash in 2017 for Super Bowl tickets. She said when she showed up for the game, Super Bowl management told her the tickets were counterfeit and confiscated them. She claims she tried to contact Ryan but he never returned her calls texts or Facebook messages.

Ryan sent handwritten letters in late summer 2019 to the Harris County District Clerk, saying they have the wrong person; he's never been to the state of Texas but believes he was mistakenly charged with the theft because his wallet was found in Dallas.

Ryan also faces three felony counts in Will County of continuing a financial crimes enterprise. The complaint alleges Ryan committed three separate theft by deception offenses within an eighteen month period, allegedly taking more than $1,600. Ryan has pleaded not guilty.

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Heather Underwood said she lost $400 after paying Ryan for J. Cole concert tickets. Since filing her complaint, Underwood said Ryan sent her an electronic payment refunding her money.

"I quick-paid him and he never delivered. It was all these broken promises and it was very upsetting," she told the I-Team in 2019.

The I-Team exposed five other complaints in their first report on Ryan. His customers said they gave him money for tickets to plays, concerts and sporting events and got nothing in return.

Cook County records show he's been convicted of five charges related to taking people's money and not delivering tickets.

When buying tickets you should always go through a licensed ticket broker and check their record online.
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