Massive shark found dead along banks of Texas river

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Thursday, July 13, 2017

KENEFICK, Texas -- A massive shark found dead in Liberty County may have been dumped there, according to witnesses on the scene.

Photos posted to social media late Tuesday show the large creature, which was lying in shallow water along the banks of the Trinity River in Kenefick.

Jared Moser, who shot video of the animal's carcass, told ABC13 he spoke with a game warden and was told the shark was likely dumped along the banks by a third party.

The shark appears to be a bull shark, a species found in the shallow waters of the Gulf and other coastal areas in lower latitudes. The species is known to occasionally travel up freshwater rivers, and have been spotted as far inland as Illinois.

While the species is not endangered, the International Union for the Conservation of Nature does classify the bull shark as "near threatened." The species is fished for its skin, liver oil, flesh and fins.