Professional Sign Spinning Acrobat Brings Smiles and Flair to the New Sport

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Friday, May 14, 2021
Inside the Life of a Sign Spinner
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Ever seen a sign spinner on the side of the road? Professional sign spinner Elijah Scholz shows us why this sport is more involved than you'd think!

HOUSTON -- You've seen them rain or shine on your neighborhood streets. Sign Spinning has grown so much that it's now considered a sport.

"To be a sign spinner, it takes practice, skill, a good smile," Says Elijah Scholz, a professional sign spinner. From performing backflips on street corners to teaching others about this unique sport with his signature positive attitude, he's well-known in the sign-spinning community and has even invented a new move making waves in the sport.

"Every single year, we have this arrow sign spinning competition in Las Vegas. People from all around the world like Korea, Poland, California, Mexico, it's like a whole family reunion," he says, fondly remembering the competition. "...and we all spin it out, show each other tricks that they're working on. The competition, it gets wild."

Watch to see his moves and why sign-spinning is so much more than you would ever expect!