'Life's unfair realities': IN teen gets life lesson as snow plow undoes shoveling work

A teenager got a lesson in what his dad called "life's unfair realities" when a passing snow plow undid all his hard shoveling work, re-covering the path outside his driveway as it came by.

Chris Whalen, of Noblesville, said he asked his 13-year-old son Jack to clear the driveway entrance after some snow had piled up there from previous snow plows going through.

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"Neither one of us expecting the plows would go through again," he told Storyful. "When I heard the plow go through again, I immediately laughed internally, not initially realizing our Ring camera had caught the entire event."

The video shows a dejected Jack throw down his shovel in despair after the plow sets him back to square one.

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"I let him know I felt his pain, but I still thought it was funny," Whalen said. "I was immediately humored by his unscripted reaction."