Nurse celebrates 50th anniversary at Methodist Hospital, shows no signs of slowing down

CHICAGO (WLS) -- A nurse at the Methodist Hospital of Chicago who migrated from the Philippines in the late sixties is celebrating a major career milestone.

In July 1969, Erlinda "Erly" Reyes left her home country to pursue a career in nursing. Monday she celebrated her 50th work anniversary.

To put things into perspective, the day she left home was the day Neil Armstrong landed on the moon.

Erly moved to Chicago for a better life, and after 50 years at Methodist Hospital she's bettered thousands of lives around her.

"I even joked and said Neil Armstrong told me today was the day for my journey," Reyes said.

Erly is now 71 years old, although she doesn't act a day over 25 - knows the day is coming soon for her retirement, but she shows no signs of slowing down.

"My mom has said she was going to retire every year for the last 20 years," said Neil Reyes, Eryl's son.

"If the day comes and she's walking out of the door, I'll be surprised," said Cheryl Llorens, Erly's supervisor.

Erly was 21 years old when she landed at Methodist Hospital, and never looked back. She planted roots in Chicago; she has two children and five grandchildren who all now carry her work ethic and legacy.

"She would constantly tell us, if you're fortunate and lucky and find something you love you'll never have to work a day in your life," Reyes said.

Erly's colleagues and supervisors celebrated all that she's done for them already.

"I'm the one who's benefiting, and I mean myself, the administration, and the families," said Michael Chandy, Methodist Hospital's administrator.
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