Val's planning a very special Sweet 16 for her daughter

Val's daughter, Zoe, is turning Sweet 16. Val's planning a party, but she needs some help with ideas and she doesn't want to break the bank. Joining us with great DIY for your next event is Akeshi Akinseye, Creative Director, Kesh Events.

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Party Planning Tip: Create a Budget
Create a budget and stick to it. Be realistic with your guest count.

Spend money in three key areas:
Grand Entrance - It's the first thing they see when they walk in. Make a great first impression.
Food - People will always remember the food you served, especially if it's bad.

Entertainment - Invest in a good D.J. Don't depend on family/friends who do this as a hobby. Find a professional.

Save money in three key areas:
Favor Bags - You can customize them in all sorts of ways.
Décor Pieces -- Fun drink straws, food tags, and even candy displays can add a lot to a table and don't cost a lot of money.
Non-essentials - Pick a theme and focus on it. Choosing a theme will put your money to good use and keep you from spending on things you don't really need.

Party Planning Tip: Elevate the Guest Experience
You can personalize mocktails or cocktails with flags, straws, or create custom drinks.

Cupcakes - make your own, but dress them up. Invite your girlfriends to help.

Favor Boxes -- Create your own and put your personal touch on a takeaway for your guests.

Petite Florals -- Small floral sprays add elegance. A few placed on select tables can add a lot to the overall décor.