Felicia Pearson calls Chicago her 2nd home

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Spike Lee's fiery new movie "Chi-Raq" opens Friday. Actress Felicia Pearson was in town last summer working on the film.

Pearson bounds into the room with spirit and sass. She acts, she raps she writes!

"I'm an actress that's my job description," she said.

In "Chi-Raq," women in Chicago's Englewood neighborhood go on a sex strike until the men put down their guns.

"The hardest, gangster-ist guy can go home at night, who does he have to answer to? A woman," she said. She stars along with some of her favorite actors.

"Angela Bassett, growing up watching her movies. I love her. I love her. She's an amazing woman, amazing actress. That's who I was star struck, I'm a big fan," she said.

Pearson, whose friends call her "Snoop," calls Chicago her second home. She is a part owner at Studio 507 Hair Salon in Morgan Park.

Pearson said was a crack baby who dealt drugs as a teenager and ended up behind bars for a violent crime. She's best known for her role in "The Wire."

"All of them say I'm so happy you're not like the character you play on "The Wire." I'm just a sweetheart. I'm nothing like that," she said.

Pearson and her fianc, who is from Chicago, will star in a reality show.

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