Brooklyn, New York subway shooting victim describes harrowing ordeal: 'The pain is over 1,000'

Frank James is the accused shooter
NEW YORK -- One of the victims wounded by a gunman on a New York City subway train is speaking out exclusively to ABC New York affiliate WABC, describing the harrowing ordeal and begging city officials for help.

Kareem Aly was on the northbound N train when the alleged shooter, Frank R. James, donned a gas mask, set off smoke canisters and opened fire as the train pulled into a station in Brooklyn.

Authorities say James fired 33 shots, wounding 10 people and injuring 19 more.

"The pain is over 1,000," Aly said.

He said he is in excruciating pain, even two weeks after he was shot.

"A lot of smoke, smoke, smoke," he said. "What happened? In my mind, there's a fire in the car."

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Frank James, the man wanted for allegedly opening fire on a rush-hour subway train in Brooklyn, shooting 10 people, is in custody, sources told ABC News.

As he moved away from the smoke, he was struck in the leg.

"Something like here is electric," he said, pointing to his wound.

That electric jolt was a bullet.

"I hear a shotgun, tock, tock, tock, like that," he said. "He shot me again."

His shin had shattered.

"I see my left, this area, is separate from the ankle," he said. "I can't walk, and I can't stand up."

He hobbled off the train and collapsed on the platform. In the days following, doctors put a titanium rod and screws in his leg, and he's had a skin graft.

He was finally released from the hospital Tuesday night.

"I lost everything: my job, my work, I lost everything," he said. "I don't have any activities to do. I don't have health to do something. You see, I'm home alone."
Aly's whole family is back in Egypt, and now he's isolated. Also, without insurance, he can't afford a rehab center.

He wants to be able to run, play soccer and work again, and he knows he's also emotionally scarred.

Now, he is hoping his beloved New York City will come through for him with some financial assistance.

"I lost everything everything," he said. "I lost everything."

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