Sunny Hostin of ABC News and "The View"

"The View" co-host and ABC News Senior Legal Correspondent and Analyst Sunny Hostin joins us today.


Sunny Hostin returned to ABC News as a Senior Legal Correspondent and Analyst in February 2016.

2007 to 2016 Sunny was a host and legal analyst at CNN. She covered many high profile trials, from George Zimmerman to Casey Anthony, and a number of other major stories, including the AME church shooting in Charleston and the selection of Eric Holder for Attorney General. Sunny had her own weekly segment titled, "Sunny's Law," to answer viewer questions on a wide range of legal and social justice issues.

Prior to working at CNN, Sunny filled in as co-anchor for ABC News' "World News Now" and "America This Morning."

Sunny began her legal career as an appellate law clerk, then trial attorney for the Justice Department and lastly a federal prosecutor.
She received a Special Achievement Award from then Attorney General Janet Reno during her time as a federal prosecutor.

Sunny graduated from Binghamton University and Notre Dame Law School. She currently resides in Westchester County with her two children and husband.