Chicago-born actress Justina Machado lends voice to 'Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild' on Disney+

CHICAGO (WLS) -- "The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild" just started streaming on Disney+.

Chicago-born actress Justina Machado lends her voice as Zee in the movie.

"I would describe her as a fierce mammal, she is a warrior, she's adventurous, she is tough, she's in control, she's loving, she's warm," she said of her character. "She's a very layered female character who gets the job done."

Growing up in Chicago has played a big role in shaping the woman Machado has become.

"The sense of community, I was on the L and I was on the bus when I was 10 or 11 years old, all over the Northwest Side, by myself," she said. "I love what the city gave me and I think there are no prouder people than people who come from Chicago. "

Macahdo has played many roles, but she has one project that she acknowledges is easily her favorite.

"Oh, yeah, that would be 'One Day At A Time,'" Machado said. "If we put everything in it artistically, what it meant for my community, what it meant to me, and what we're putting out there, 'One Day At A Time' is the most important project I've done thusfar."

She also has a message for her family here as far as this new "Ice Age" project.

"I think the people in Chicago can be very familiar with 'Ice Age,' 'cause I know it's cold out there, my mother told me it was cold!" she laughed. "I say: salt your steps people, salt the sidewalk and the steps! That's what I have to say to Chicago!"
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