University of Chicago doctor leading COVID-19 study researching how far virus particles travel

CHICAGO (WLS) -- It's now understood that COVID-19 particles are in the air, but it's not yet clear exactly how far the virus spreads or how contagious it can be.

Dr. Jayant Pinto is leading a study at the University of Chicago to answer those questions, and he spoke with ABC 7 Chicago about it Wednesday.

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The study examines how far the COVID-19 virus travels through the air, which could yield vital information about what amount of social distance is actually needed to slow the sprea

The current 6-foot social distancing guidelines are based off old studies of how far coughs and sneezes travel, Pinto said.

University of Chicago medical researchers are using an air sampler to look at the coronavirus specifically.

The results could help protect medical professionals in the future and give researchers more insight into the novel virus. Pinto said they should have preliminary results within a month.
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