For Valentine's Day flowers, order early, be prepared to pay more

CHICAGO (WLS) -- If you're planning on sending flowers for Valentine's Day, you should order early and be prepared to pay more.

"Order early, have your flowers delivered before the weekend," advised Margie Milovich of LaSalle Flowers.

The longtime manager of River North flower shop warned that costs may be higher and, whatever you do, don't want until next Monday.

"You're going to have everyone waking up after Super Bowl Sunday saying 'It's Valentine's Day,' so we're really preparing a lot of last minute orders for a high volume of walk-ins," she said.

LaSalle Flowers is now part of Ashland Addison Florist. The 90-year-old business also recently acquired another company that lost customers during the pandemic.

Justin Sheffield, great grandson of the original owner and now-co-owner, said during the pandemic they've seen delays, shortages and changes in pricing, but there is still the desire to send flowers. He added while there is better supply this Valentine's Day than last year, it's costing them more to get products, and some of that may be felt by customers.

"We can still get whatever we need but it takes a little bit longer and it's a little bit more expensive," he said.

The labor short has also made it hard to find delivery drivers, another reason to order early. The co-owner of Ashland Addison said they may need to use an outside service in the coming days.
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