Viral video shows child's fall, panicked dad flinging PS4 controller across room as he runs to kids

OAK RIDGE, Tenn. -- A Ring camera captured the priceless moment a panicked dad in Tennessee threw his PlayStation 4 controller across the room as he scrambled to go check on his daughters.

Andrew Moorehead from Oak Ridge was immersed in playing God of War when he heard a commotion coming from the girls' room.

Another Ring camera shows the pair playing in their room, catching the moment older sister Olivia accidentally causes little sister Julia to fall from the ladder of their bunkbed.

Upon hearing Olivia's cries of "I'm so sorry," Moorehead leaps up from his chair, flinging the controller - which hits against the TV cabinet - as he runs to investigate.

Luckily, Julia was okay after the fall, and Moorehead told Storyful that the pair "get along great" and "were quick to make up after the incident".

The controller, however, did not get out unscathed: "The controller was broken, but luckily it paused my game (God of War for the PS4) so it was worth it," Moorehead said.