20K vinyl records for sale after Wisconsin collector died

LA CROSSE-EAU CLAIRE, Wis. -- People collect all sorts of things throughout their life, but no one may have a collection quite like one Wisconsin man.

It may not be a record-setting record collection, but it's drumming up a lot of interest.

"My uncle George passed away in January, and I'm the administrator of the estate," said Charlie Muller.

Muller's uncle, George Johnson, was a lover of music.

That love could be measured in vinyl.

"In the 80s when records were kinda fading out, people said 'George, you want my records?' So George took the records and made his own collection," Muller said.

His collection grew to 20,000, WKBT reported.

"I've got the whole house set up as a record shop-the downstairs and the main level," Muller said.

Every one of them, now, for sale.

"Seventy-five percent of it is Rock and Roll from the 70s. Alice Cooper, Led Zeppelin...," Muller said.

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"I'm looking for what looks cool. That's what I'm doing. He's the smart one," said one browser.

Managing the record collection has been a gift for Muller.

"A month ago, you couldn't walk through here. It was stacked with 8tracks, 45's along that wall and that was all full of 78s," he said. "It opened up a whole new enlightenment of how George lived."

Throughout his life, he was a friend to many.

"He really brought people together," Muller said.

Now, George's records are bringing people together too.

"My mom, she lost a lot of her record collection when she moved in with me, so I'm trying to replace some of her memories," said Dee Joiner.

It's also giving an unexpected gift to strangers.

"To share the records with all these people that want to get them. They're all so happy and excited... It's been great," Muller said.