Wally the wallaroo doing well after La Salle County chase, Illinois River rescue

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Friday, December 4, 2020
Wally the Wallaroo doing well after river rescue
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Wally the Wallaroo is resting comfortably and doing well after leading his owner and authorities on a two-hour chase in LaSalle County before his rescue from the Illinois River.

PERU, Ill. (WLS) -- Wally the Wallaroo is making a quick recovery; nearly as quick as his escape Wednesday in Peru, Ill.

Wally's owner posted on Facebook that Wally is taking it easy at home tonight, and was not injured during his escapade.

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The animal, which is smaller than a kangaroo but larger than a wallaby and part of the same animal family, escaped while out for a walk with his owner Wednesday. He was spotted hopping around LaSalle County before eventually making it to the Illinois River.

Two fishermen out on a boat saw Wally as people on the shore were yelling for their help. One of the men grabbed Wally with a fishing net, ending the two-hour chase.

Veterinarian Dr. Allison Spayer of Bridgeview Animal Hospital was standing by for Wally's arrival.

"He was so cold we couldn't register his temperature on the thermometer," she said. "We warmed him up. We dried him off."

He was released back to his owner after a couple of hours, with a happy ending.

"We have never had a wallaby, a kangaroo, a wallaroo - any of those types of animals at our office," Dr. Spayer said. "It was definitely a team effort."