Milky, hazy skies over Chicago from Oregon wildfire smoke

Monday, September 14, 2020
Milky, hazy skies over Chicago from Oregon wildfire smoke
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Hazy skies over Chicago from wildfire smoke

CHICAGO (WLS) -- The wildfires out west have been burning for several weeks and now.

The fires have demolished millions of acres across California, Oregon and Washington and has created clouds of smoke that have travelled for miles.

Some of the smoke has even made its way to the Chicago area.

Some observed hazy skies Monday that have their origins in the wildfires out west.

If you look between the low level clouds, you should be able to see blue skies but that smoke has turned the sky a grayish white.

Most of the smoke seen Monday is from the wildfires that have devastated Oregon.

Prevailing upper level winds have carried that smoke eastward.

While the thickest smoke is in Southern Canada, there is still plenty of smoke making its way into the Chicago area.

While the official fire season is just beginning, already those fighting the fires are overwhelmed by the number and intensity of the fires.

Some of these fires will likely continue to burn into next month as the extremely dry conditions out west worsen.

While the thickest smoke will arrive Monday evening, we will likely see our sky remain a milky white through Friday as more smoke arrives in the Chicago area.