Hidden cash found in Humboldt Park

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Hidden Cash Chicago hides money and note in Humboldt Park. (WLS)

A Chicago woman who found $60 an envelope in Humboldt Park paid it forward by buying coffee for strangers at a local cafe.

Tina Gaddy was out for an early morning walk with her newborn, Nzingha, when she spotted a pinwheel and envelope near the Fritz Reuter statue in Humboldt Park. She knew it was connected to a Twitter clue from Hidden Cash Chicago.

"I think when good things happen, you tend to have a more positive outlook," Gaddy said. "It's infectious."

So, apparently, is Hidden Cash, which started in California. The idea has spread across the nation.

Hidden Cash Chicago is a copycat, according to the original Hidden Cash, which plans to eventually spread outside the San Francisco area.
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