Family demands answers after Chicago police storm their home

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A Chicago family says that a Chicago police SWAT team wrongly raided their home early Sunday. (WLS)

A Chicago family wants an explanation from the Chicago Police Department after SWAT officers stormed their home early Sunday in search of men who fired shots at them.

The shooters were not found inside the home, but three people were taken into custody after a search of a nearby home near 103rd and Avenue N on the city's Southeast Side.

"You can't apologize for this. And if police are doing their job, ok, they are doing their job. But you had no business being in my house," Judith Celio, who lives in the home.

CPD said late Sunday that they would assist the family with the city's compensation process for damage incurred.

In a statement, CPD said "In reference to the incident, shots were fired at the police and there was a clear and present safety threat to the public. As such, CPD takes precautions during situations like that to safeguard the lives of the public and those of responding
officers. Evidence was collected from both homes. CPD also has three persons of interest in custody in the investigation."

At about 3:30 a.m., at least two people shot at police and ran into a nearby house.

Celio and her family heard those gunshots and then police showed up at their door, demanding to come in.

"He said 'Open the door. We gotta come in.' And my brother said 'Do you have a warrant?' Then he said 'Yeah, I have a warrant,'" Celio said.

Nick Quesada, who also lives in the house, said they asked to see the warrant so they could check the specifics, including the date and who signed the warrant.

"So he walked away and said 'Oh, we'll be back soon,'" said Nick Quesada.

Fifteen minutes later, Quesada said the SWAT team showed up.

His family was ordered out, one by one, with their hands up and without their shoes.

Then, after deploying a flash bang and a thorough search, a police spokesperson on scene said the shooters they were originally looking for were not found inside.

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