Fan catches bat one-handed to protect triplets at White Sox, Indians game

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Eileen Depesa made a spectacular catch when Tyler Flowers swung and his bat went flying into the stands. (WLS)

Fans in the stands of MLB games are used to watching out for foul balls, but foul bats?

A suburban fan who caught a bat one-handed at Monday's Sox game explained why she was so determined to stop that baseball bat from hurtling any farther.

It was effortless, barehanded and one-armed. Yes, it was a move that separated the moms from the men as her quick reflexes demonstrated the difference between the duckers and the grabbers.

It was the second inning at the Chicago White Sox-Cleveland Indians game at U.S. Cellular Field Monday night when catcher Tyler Flowers swung and the bat went flying into the stands. It bounced on the dugout and then, a spectacular catch by Eileen Depesa. She says she went after it because of a set of young triplets sitting behind her.

"I think I was shocked that I actually had it in my hand, I think maybe I was thinking I was going to push it away, maybe it was spinning just perfect - because I'm really not a daredevil!" said Depesa.

The same can't be said of her male companion, who has been getting a lot of ridicule for ducking. In fact, she says he's been called the "South Side Bartman".

"My friends are giving me a ribbing, but he didn't know it was coming, so he didn't have an opportunity," said Depesa.

Despesa, a lifelong Sox fan, says they had talked about paying close attention to the game because of the location of their seats, then they saw something flying their way.

"Self-defense, you know, because it's coming, and you're trying to stop it from hitting you," said Depesa.

Despesa went on to say that when a homerun ball came their way when the Sox played the Cubs last month, both she and her boyfriend went after it.

If you were wondering about the bat, she wasn't able to keep it, but the Sox did give her another bat that was signed by Tyler Flowers.
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